NBFA message on internet safety regarding “Momo Challenge”

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You have likely seen a number of stories in your news and social feeds about the dangers of something called The Momo Challenge. This challenge surfaced last year and now has spread to various social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

It usually accompanies an image of a grotesque bird-head with warnings about children being encouraged to harm themselves or others. As we take steps to protect our learners in school with content filtering and other forms of internet safety protocols, we are writing to provide you information that can help protect your children at home from the disturbing images and messages that the Momo Challenge presents.

Some signs that kids may have seen this challenge, or common reactions to seeing something scary like this that parents may be seeing in their kids are: 

  • Tough Time Falling Asleep
  • Talking about Monsters
  • Acting “tough”

Also, seeing this challenge could bring up other fears and cause other traumas to resurface.

The following links provide advice and helpful steps that parents can take to protect their children. We hope you find these useful as we work together to keep our learners safe.  

Warning: Some of these links contain images from the Momo Challenge character.  

National Online Safety Guide for the Momo Challenge 

Smart Social – Momo Challenge Safety Guide Video  

NBC TODAY Broadcast from 2/28/19  Print


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